Return Policy

We recommend that you carefully go through our terms and conditions of use, to better understand the difference features of our service.

Return policy

1.) bearAbook reserves the right to request return of any and all book(s) in the possession of the bearer at any time

2.) The return rates as per decided by the company rates is fixed.

3.) We reserve the right to change the price whenever we want without any prior notice.

4.) As per the company’s policy, decrement of 10% will be charged to the bearer in case the book kept for more than 8 months from the invoice date.

5.) For returns contact – and we’ll be contacting you after that.

6.) The bearer is requested to give the invoice letter at the time of returning the book.

7.) All books sent to the bearer are verified to be in good conditions prior to dispatch, customer must ensure that the books are in the same condition if willing to return.

8.) If the book is damaged, bearAbook reserves the right to charge you extra for the cost of damage.